Certificate in Scotch Whisky

The Certificate in Scotch Whisky consists of eight engaging modules which will give the candidate an independent, in- depth overview of Scotch Whisky as a category.

The course was written and developed by Scotch whisky experts with decades of experience in the industry. The candidate will explore the fascinating history and business of Scotch as well as its legal requirements, before delving into the intricacies of the entire production process - learning all there is to know from raw materials to bottling the final spirit. The course material mixes interactive explanations with illustrated activities and videos – including a virtual tour of a distillery. There are pop quizzes at the end of each module, too, so they can measure the knowledge they’re distilling along the way.


M1: Historical Development of Distillation and Whisky

M2: Business of Whisky

M3: Raw Materials

M4: Production Process

M5: Batch Distillation Process

M6: Maturation

M7: Bottling

M8: Grain Distillation and Blending

The course is delivered online and is completely self-paced. Upon purchase, the candidate will receive an email invitation from EWA and have permanent access to the material. Successful candidates will receive a digital certificate of completion.

Who is it for?

The Certificate in Scotch Whisky is particularly suitable to:

  • Professionals in the drinks industry: hospitality staff, brand owner employees, distributors, importers & exporters, visitor centre staff, whisky investment professionals, etc.

  • Individuals seeking a career in the whisky/food & beverage industries.

  • Whisky enthusiasts eager to improve their knowledge.


Multiple choice exam consisting of 53 questions.

Optional SQA assessment available on request.


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  •   Academic Year 2021/22