WSET Award level 1 in Wines

The course will be based around a four-week, five module online learning programme with educator support available for this time. The course modules should be followed in sequential order during this 4-week window. The course material should take about six hours in total to complete, plus revision time. Regular access and participation in the course online activities is essential for this mode of study.

The course prepares the student for our qualifications and they are guided by a WSET educator. The student can contact the educator any time for the duration of the scheduled course, should they have any questions. Each module includes a series of independent activities to help students understand the differences between grape varieties and types and styles of wine.

Students should be advised to taste a range of wines during their studies. All the required wines for the course can be found in the online equipment list. Any additional wines can be found in the Specification. Students can post their tasting notes in the Online Classroom for review by the educator

Course Code                        Starting date            Finish date

O1WI2212APP                     10/01/2022               06/02/2022

O1WI2213APP                     24/01/2022               20/02/2022

O1WI2214APP                     07/02/2022               06/03/2022

O1WI2215APP                     21/02/2022               20/03/2022

O1WI2216APP                     07/03/2022               03/04/2022

O1WI2217APP                     21/03/2022               17/04/2022

O1WI2218APP                     04/04/2022               01/05/2022

O1WI2219APP                     18/04/2022               15/05/2022

O1WI2220APP                     02/05/2022               29/05/2022

O1WI2221APP                     16/05/2022               12/06/2022

O1WI2222APP                     30/05/2022               26/06/2022

O1WI2223APP                     13/06/2022               10/07/2022

O1WI2224APP                     27/06/2022               24/07/2022

O1WI2225APP                     11/07/2022               07/08/2022

O1WI2226APP                     25/07/2022               21/08/2022

Course structure

Module 1: What is wine and how is it made?

    • Name the main parts of a grape and what they contain.
    • Name the key stages in the annual cycle of grape growing and know what happens during ripening.
    • Name and define different grape-growing climates and state how they can affect the characteristics of grapes.
    • List the requirements for and the products of alcoholic fermentation.
    • Name and correctly order the key stages in the production of still white, red and rosé wines.

Module 2: Types and styles of wine

    • Name the three types of wines: still wines, sparkling wines, fortified wines.
    • Name the characteristics that contribute to different wine styles.
    • Recall how to taste and describe wines using the SAT.

Module 3: Grape varieties and wines

    • Name the principal grape varieties and identify the characteristics and styles of their wines.
    • Identify examples of wines from the principal grape varieties and recall the types, characteristics and styles of these wines.
    • Identify other examples of wines and recall the types, characteristics and styles of these wines.

Module 4: Storage and service of wines

    • Identify and define the ideal conditions for storing and preserving wine.
    • State the recommended service temperature description for the principal types and styles of wine.
    • State the correct procedures for opening and serving wine.
    • Identify the principal food and wine interactions and recognise the effect they typically have on a wine.

Module 5: Revision

    • Mock multiple-choice feedback examination which can be attempted as many times as the student likes.


Revise and recap the course content. Students should be advised to schedule a minimum of one hour of private study before sitting the Level 1 Award in Wines examination.

Examination date must be scheduled with More than Wines. It is a 45 minute exam that must take place after the advertised finish date of the course. This examination can be via Remote Invigilation or in paper.


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